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Finalist in one of Australia's most prestigious prizes, which is part of the Archibald Prize exhibition.

This image is featured on the Art Gallery of NSW website here.


Out at Tidbinbilla



oils and printed paper on canvas


Further information

Out at Tidbinbilla is a painting of my friend and her children who are seeking asylum in Australia. Last year, I photographed them on a visit to Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve in the ACT, which later became the inspiration for this painting.

My work captures the family momentarily losing themselves in the delights of Australian nature, despite the past suffering and future threat they experience – a moment of happiness amidst insecurity. 

The title is a play on words. The family is ‘out’ while Moe the Koala, a migrant from South Australia, is behind bars. Both the koala and the family are experiencing limited freedom, and both are under surveillance.

Pamela Horsley 2012

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