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Finalist in this unique prize for explorations of the relationship between humanity and the sea.

View the Art Prize website here and the page on which this image is for sale here.

Pamela_Horsley_Liardet's Beach and Hotel


Liardet's Beach and Hotel in Their Hey Day



Oils, acrylic and pencil on board


Further information

My painting is a depiction of my ancestor Wilbraham Liardet's hotel at Port Melbourne in the early 1840s. It is an arial view looking across the bay with many sailing vessels waiting off shore. The family camped on the uninhabited beach until he built a house, which became a hotel. He also built the first pier at Port Melbourne from tea tree. Along with his sons he conducted a ferry service to Williamstown and managed many sea rescues. Wilbraham a bohemian and a water colourist. Most of his paintings are held in the State Library of Victoria. This artwork is inspired by Wilbraham's little water colour by the same title.

Pamela Horsley 2018

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